Crane camera HEC-981

Crane camera HEC-981


Weatherproof, light weight and easy to install even by single person.
Minimum blur achieved by using our own stabilizer.
Can reach a maximum of 312x zoom by combining the 20x zoom camera and digital zoom
During the low light condition, sensitivity of infrared area will automatically turned on to obtain a clear image.
Possible to manually switching between auto iris and auto focus mode.


Image sensor 1/4-inch CCD
Output signal NTSC
Lens 26x optical zoom lens
12x digital zoom &
maximum 312x combinated
Angle of view 3.5°(wide)~91.0°(max zooming)
Power supply voltage DC24V
Minimum illuminance 1.0Lx ICR-ON/ 0.15Lx
Pixels Approximately 0.38-megapixel
Mechanism Pan/tilt ±5°
Operating temperature 0°c~50°c
Operating humidity 20~80%
Material SUS304 Hairline finish
Weight Approximately 14kg

Applicable Crane

Tower Crane / Crawler Crane / All Terrain Mobile Crane / Crawler Crane / Hoisting Crane / Vessel Crane / Jib Crane / Container Crane(Variable Driver Seat Type) / Transfer Crane / Unloader / Shipbuilding Crane / Overhead Bridge Crane(Variable Driver Seat Type) / Gantry Crane(Variable Driver Seat Type) /


Standard Component

Crane camera (HEC-981)×1
Interconnection box (HEC-R1000)×1
Controller (HEC-H0300)×1
Monitor (optional)×1
Cable (Depend on the crane type)
Cord reel (KL-200)
Foot switch ×1
Camera mount accessories (Depend on the crane type)


Auto reel (For hydraulic crane)
Mount accessory(Monitor stand etc)


Interconnection box

A control device specially for crane


A remote device to operate the crane camera. Possible to manually operate any cameras that connected to the interconnection box (HEC-R1000).


Possible to choose the size of the monitor according to customer needs and the space of the operator seat.
*Monitor in the photo is a 10.1-inch LCD monitor.

Adjustable length depend of the cable

A special composite cable for remote control the crane camera.
Installation are much more easier with the plug and play connector.

Cable drum

Compare to the old version, this latest cable drum are more light, small and easy for installation work.
It is possible to keep a total length of cable up to 110m.

Auto reel

Specially for hydraulic crane.
Choosable total roll-up length from 20m ~ 70m.