Wireless Watcher WW-39 – Integrated Monitor Type (IMT)

Wireless Watcher WW-39 - Integrated Monitor Type (IMT)


Integrated Monitor Type makes it easy to transfer between cranes.
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Integrated Monitor is smaller in size, light weight and easy to handle. With its all-weather casing, it can be mounted by one person without using any tools.
With our original balancer, it helps to absorb vibration due to wind, suppresses blurriness and realizes smooth movement.
Equipped with an optical 30x zoom camera, it also has a preset zoom function.
It enables stable wireless transmission system without any video delay. (less than 1 millisecond)


Image sensor 1/2 Type CMOS
Output signal HDMI
Lens 30x Optical Zoom
Angle of view Horizontal angle of view: About 61.2 degrees (WIDE end) to about 2.3 degrees (TELE)
Power supply voltage Camera: DC12V Battery Onboard: DC12 / 24V
Minimum illuminance Turning on at 0.15Lx ICR to achieve 0.01Lx
Pixels 2,120,00 pixels
Mechanism -
Operating temperature -
Operating humidity -
Material SPCC material
Weight About 7.8kg

Applicable Crane

Hammerhead Tower Crane / Rough Terrain Mobile Crane / Mini Crawler Crane / Spider Crane / Rough Terrain Mobile Crane / Container Crane(Fixed Driver Seat Type) / Overhead Bridge Crane(Fixed Driver Seat Type) / Gantry Crane(Fixed Driver Seat Type) /


Standard Component 【Integrated Monitor Type】

Top View Crane Camera x 1
Integrated Monitor consists
•Interconnection Box x 1
•Controller x 1
•Monitor x 1
Battery Accessories
•Battery x 2
•In-Car Charger x 1
Various Cables


Integrated Monitor

For Integrated Monitor, the Interconnection Box, Controller, Monitor and Receiving Antenna are all integrated together as one unit.

In-Car Charger

In-Car Charger for charging battery.
※ The power supply to the charger is 24 VDC.


Battery used only for Wireless Watchers.