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新着情報&実績 news

On-site Crane Camera installation in Singapore

31st October, 2017


Hello, this is Asato from KDK Proska.

Recently there has been an increase in the installation of crane camera system.

Step by Step!


This time it is pertaining to the report of crane camera installation at the site of Shimizu Corporation. Due to confidentiality reasons, I can’t disclose more details on the site name. Thank you for your understanding.



The type of installation is relating to 4 x 280-ton crane from Tat Hong Plant Leasing Pte Ltd. This is the first time for KDK Proska to have Installation of 4 crane camera system at one location.


Although installation had taken some time to carry out, nevertheless, the job was completed successfully.


The crane operator had used our crane camera system before and was familiarised with our equipment.

“I am happy to meet you again” I said.




Shimizu Corporation, Tat Hong Plant Leasing Pte Ltd — Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.


Digression for this time………

My son had joined the soccer school in Singapore and had a chance to learn to play from the former Brazilian football player, Mr Edmílson.

I am not familiar with soccer, however, I had heard from other soccer players that he is well known and active in the FC Barcelona league.



I hope that getting to know the best soccer player in the world will bring   more unforgettable and good memories for the children.


KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato

Installation of wireless camera test machine

August 31, 2017

Hello Asato frome KDK Proska.

This month was the first influenza in my life, it was serious.

I gained 6 kg in three days.



This time it will be reported that BCA Academy installed a wireless camera test machine.

As I mentioned before, there are many overseas hammerhead cranes

It exists.

Because the hook part is a trolley type, it was difficult to install by wired and a wireless camera was ideal.

In cooperation with the development member this time, it was decided to install a test machine.

Also, a member of Mr Seto, Tokyo member, came to Singapore to help with installation.

It is installation by 2 people following last time.

Accident on the first day!

When I climbed the crane, I did not notice there was a honeycomb in the ladder in the mast

Bee stinged happenings


Installation is postponed to the next day.

The staff of BCA Academy had their nests removed in the evening.

Next day, reassess the camera installation work of the camera

High place work in the hot weather, hard work but it was successfully installed.



I check the operation and the work is over.

I hope this camera helps to improve the safety awareness of the students learned here.


Mr. Seto of the BCA Academy staff and the Tokyo sales office who came to help

Thank you very much.




Mr Seto walks three parks in Singapore with my second son on weekends free time.

I was able to meet tropical plants and nature animals.


※ It is a wild crocodile that is in the back. There is no fence.


I also encounter Green Snake.



Also I will do my best to work together in Singapore.

Mr Seto, thank you.


KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato


Singapore Hyfux field camera installation

July 31, 2017.

Hello Asato from KDK Proska.

It followed hot days. Please be careful for summer fatigue.


This time it will be a report that the camera was installed at the site of Hyflux Ltd

Hyflux Ltd is easy to introduce.


High Flux Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989 and is a company that is responsible for approximately 35% of water supply in Singapore, mainly in construction and operation of water treatment facilities, water supply management business, seawater desalination business etc. in Singapore .

This time it was a camera installation with introduction from those with private and friends.

The model of installation is 600 ton owned by Tiong woon.

It was a bit of excitement for a large crane after a long absence.

Establishment with my boss and 2 people. It’s always been a one-man work, so it was really easy.


It is a large crane and it takes 3 hours to raise the boom, so I check the operation and finish the work on this day.

Confirm the operation status at a later date.


It operated without problems.

Also, the operator was very happy.

Thank you very much for your cooperation by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. staff and Hyflux Ltd..





From April I am leading the fourth grade elementary school Dutch Ball team.

It was a team I could not win easily, but it gave me results.


It was a silver medal.

I am thankful to the children who came for tough exercise.

Next time I will aim for a gold medal !


KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato


First installation of cameras in general contractors in Singapore

May 31, 2017

Hi this is Asato from KDK Proska.

Recently, I am perspiration of comfortable work on site.


This time it is a report that the camera was installed in the crane at the construction site of the general contractor of Singapore.

It is T227 of Thomson Line. It is Sinohydro-Sembcorp JV. This is also the construction site of MRT.

Camera installation in Singapore general contractor is the first time.


We decided to install a camera demonstration machine by introduction from a foundation construction company in Singapore.

When we had a brief safety education meeting with the installation day, I was asked to submit a CSOC license from the site and I thought that it was good to have them acquired last month



Sudden thunderstorms in the place where the metal fittings at the tip are attached!

The work is STOP if the thunder warning light turns on the site.

Restarted after 2 hours.


While installing to the operator after setting, while actually explaining the handling to the shaft opening

Confirm by lowering the hook.


Others who seemed to be staff were also visited.

I got P.O for rent at a later date.


Thank you very much.

I would like to continue similar activities in the future

Ryoubi Kiso Holdings Ltd and the staff of Sinohydro-Sembcorp JV who introduced me

Thank you for your cooperation.




Since last year I am active in Singapore’s only baseball team FSBC as a hobby.

Overseas there is no hard rubber ball and it will be played with a hard ball.

As I am unfamiliar with it, I managed to practice again since last year and it is my current grade in 4 games.

I’ve been given a game for the moment, but how long will it last…


Pitcher grades are terrible.

We already folded two bats.

I am playing off now. ※ 2nd place now

I will do my best to make a winning report next month.


KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato

Camera installation to Singapore’s first telescopic crane

April 27, 2017

Hi this is Asato from KDK Proska again.

It is a new fiscal year from this month onwards.

I was supposed to supervise the children ‘s team.

I am also studying to become a coaching which include the study of rules.


Well this time it will be a report that the camera was installed in the telescopic crane of Penta Ocean’s T219.

T219 of is the construction site of Thomson Line’s MRT as introduced before.

This will be the second set up.


Installation on telescopic crane is Singapore’s first.

Originally, a large self-winding drum is installed in the telescopic crane.

On this assumption that the number of boom stretching times is smaller and the movement is almost none existent, we had decided to respond without installing a drum.


After we had carefully conduct meeting and did the actual machine checks and preliminary inspections, the necessary items were prepared from Japan and we were ready for the installation.


Thanks to advance preparations, Installation of metal fittings at the tip was carried out without any problems.

Work including roller installation took about 2 hours.




Despite the hot weather, I felt it was conspicuous except when raising a boom.



Operator was also carefully checking the operation while stretching the boom.

Final confirmation while lowering down the hook to the shaft opening.


The operator had exclaimed: “This is fantastic!!!”

It is a word of gratitude other than anything else.


I would like to thank the kind cooperation from the staff and operators of Penta-Ocean.


I would like to thank KDK’s headquarter for dispatching staff and assisted in preparing the material for the installation.



I have the necessary qualifications for working in Singapore.

It is a known as CSOC (Construction Safety Orientation Course).

After receiving 2 days of training, you have to PASS the paper exam (40 questions).

There is was also a construction site which did not allow us to work if we did not possess this qualification.

I thought that I should acquire this, challenging with the momentum of obtaining driver’s license.


PASS done.


I would like to challenge new qualifications in the near future.


KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato

Singapore Shimizu Corporation T207 Hammerhead Crane Camera installation

March 27, 2017

Hi this is Asato from KDK Proska.

There are not only plenty of personnel movement at the end of the fiscal year, but also plenty of farewell party to attend.

I am somewhat lonely but I look forward to having new encounters.


Well, this time it is about a report regarding the installation of crane camera in Shimazu’s T207 tower crane at Thomson line. As I had already mentioned it a few times in my previous report, I will omit the report this time.


This time round the installation was meant for a tower crane. However, unlike the conventional luffing crane, it is a horizontal type known as Hammerhead Crane.

Since this is the first time for KDK Proska to do the installation,

We have established contact and findings several times with crane suppliers and persons-in-charge of the crane.

We are also able to respond swiftly with the cooperation of Japanese specialized in the fabrication of mounting bracket.



In the case of Hammerhead Crane, the trolley’s hanging hook moves back and forth. However, this time the position of the camera will be fixed to the boom in order to check the opening 30M below the underground level.


Since we had done some pre-work the crane supplier’s yard one day before the crane assembly, we were able to get things done smoothly on the installation day itself.


Checked the operation and installation was completed.

The operators were also very pleased.

I would like to do my best to help in improveing onsite safety and work efficiency.

Also, as I look forward to new challenges, please let me know if you have any comments for me.


I would like to thank Shimizu Corporation, and SANTE – crane supplier, POLESTAR – metal stamping company.


Thank you for your kind cooperation.




We were invited by our customers on 25th March and we had participated in the softball (hardball) game.

The participation allowed us to be representative of a Japanese team which consistsed of choice selection from the Japanese power team.

It is a fast ball competition called the first pitch.

As a result, it was a no-hit, 1 strikeout at 3 at-bats. 1 Blunder (out of base due to the habit of baseball OUT)

This was a fun day and great experience for me.

Please invite me again.

As it was a local competition, my photo had found its way in their Home Page.

This picture was sent by my Customer.


It’s a bit embarrassing.

In addition, the team had entered win the tournament with four consecutive wins.


Another report.

This is continued from last month.

This is the result of the driver’s license challenge here.

I finally got it !!


I can now break away from the curfew of drinking beer.



KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato


Business Trip to Myanmar, Diamond Rental

February 24, 2017

I went back to Japan temporarily to attend the meeting this month.

Japan seems to be still cold.

Everyone please take care of your condition.


Hello.  I am Asato from KDK Proska.


This time I report my business trip to Myanmar.

At the request from Diamond –Rental Myanmar Co. Ltd.,

I went to Myanmar for crane a camera installation.

We are unable to enter the country with a regular passport.

At the Embassy of Myanmar in Singapore,

we must apply a dedicated visa.

It was my first time for the application, so I was puzzled but I got a visa without problems.



Later, from Changi International Airport to Myanmar capital Yangon.

Looking down from the airplane, it was impressive that there were many fields and rivers.

The government changed and I was watching outside feeling that it is a country that is developing economically.


After arrival, I had dinner meeting with Diamond Rental.




In this time I did not install the cranes directly, but gave the guidance of how to install the camera.

So, unfortunately, there is no installation photo this time.


I took a walk around the hotel in my free time.

The country of Buddhism has many temples and is full of charm.


It is local currency Kyat.


It is full of worn-out feeling

Personally I like it.

Myanmar is in the list of “I want to go back again”


After returning to Singapore, I got a report from the Diamond -Rental Myanmar Co. Ltd. that the camera is active and helpful at the construction site.

I was happy to hear that.

I thank to Diamond-Rental Myanmar Japanese staff and Myanmar staff.

I will do my best to go back and work with you again.


We will make as much an effort as possible so that we can contribute even a little in the development of this country.

I am looking forward to seeing you again.





It is a sequel to the driving test in Singapore that I reported last month.

I failed the exam.


I tried PASS twice in the simulation test, I always do really bad when it counts…


I also forge mental training, studying from the Exercise Book.

I will challenge again.

I need to know more English vocabulary.



KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato

Camera Installation for Tower Crane at NUHS by Obayashi Singapore

January 31, 2017

Too late to say, but “Happy New Year”

This is Asato from KDK Proska.

January 28th, here, is the Lunar New Year, and it is exciting now.

I still cannot give away New Year mood.


This time, I report about crane camera installation on tower cranes at NUHS by Obayashi Singapore.

The chief engineer at another Obayashi site introduced me.


I will briefly explain how it came up.

There are two tower cranes of high rocking type that are towering up along the expressway familiar from the stage.

One day, I saw two tower cranes beside the expressway I usually drive.

When driving around the place, I was much interested in them.

“I want to install cameras on these cranes!

This feeling became stronger and I asked the engineer to introduce.


I visited there with my boss and explained to the project director how our camera can imporve safety and productivity, and then the director allowed us to install cameras.

First we checked cranes.

This is our first achievement in Singpore to install our camera at building construction site while we have many experiences at underground projects such as MRT.

A bit nervous to the boom I have not seen!


On January 3rd I had meeting with the crane supplier Crane World Asia,

And installed on 21th.


With strong demand from the crane supplier, the camera was installed on the place where we do not usually use in Japan.


With support from the crane supplier, the two units were successfully installed.


The operator was happy to use our camera this time as well.


I thank to Obayashi Singapore and Crane World Asia.

I hope to improve onsite safety and work efficiency.




A year has passed after I came to Singapore.

I did not switch driver’s license here yet.

I thought it bad

I do not like to study, but I needed to study for New Year vacation.


Exam is on the next month, I will do my best and hope I can make a good report.


KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato

BCA Academy, Measuring Hammerhead Crane

December 23, 2016

“I have recently lost two glasses and I am depressed.”

Hello, this is Asato from KDK Proska.

It is about a week to leave this year

There were various things in 2016, but I appreciate being able to finish well


BCA Academy is supporting our test of new camera system for hammerhead.

This time, I report measurement of crane at the academy where we will install the system for test.

In Japan, we rarely see hammerhead cranes, but the cranes are more popular overseas.


I will briefly introduce the hammerhead crane.

The official name is parallel (or topless) type climbing crane.

Trolleys on a horizontal jib move horizontally. In Japan, we call‘TONBO (Dragonfly)’ cranes because of shape of its mast and jib.

It seems that the mechanism is simple and there is cost merit.


This is the hammerhead crane. It is a machine rarely seen in narrow Japan.


I also introduce another crane.


It is a crane commonly seen in construction sites such as buildings in Japan.

The official name is luffing type climbing crane.

Unlike the previous hammerhead crane, the boom will rise.

As the names imply both cranes climb upwards with their own power,


This time we get support from BCA Academy and install prototype of our new camera system on the hammerhead crane of BCA Academy.

While my boss is in Singapore, he and I climbed the crane. We checked which part of the crane we can install and measured.

It has been long time since last time when I climbed, so I was a little nervous with high place.


For mast measurements, even in the boom!

I was a little excited.


The view from the top is also exceptional.


Measurement ended safely. After down to the ground, I looked up and realized once again the height is very tall. I got many things to learn from this experience.

We want to challenge various things as our company.

We want to challenge various things in order to meet different type of needs from foreign customers.

I thank to all the stakeholders of BCA Academy.




It is happening when I am eating at the restaurant the other day.

I was asked for drinks after meal, and first answered ‘hot coffee.”

But I changed my mind and then told the clerk in English “hot coffee canceled and ice coffee.”

However, he looked confused, so I repeated louder and slowly “I C E  C O F F E E.”

Then he thumbed up.


The above picture is what I got after all….

My wife sitting next to me got a big laugh.

On this evening, of course, I studied English pronunciation.



I thank everyone who took care of me in Japan and Singapore this year. I hope we will have good time next year as well.

Everyone, please have a  happy new year.



KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato

Installing Crane Camera at Thomson East-Coast Line 228

November 25, 2016

“Recently, I get cramp in my leg at random, making me feel old.”

Hello, this is Asato from KDK Proska.


I am surprised to hear that it snowed in Tokyo yesterday.

I heard that it has been 54 years since last time when snowed in November.

In Singapore it is 29℃ today.

Even 29℃ is cooler than any other season in here, so Singapore is a country of everlasting summer.

Please wear warm and take care of yourself from cold.

Today, I report Thomson East-Coast Line camera installation again.

It’ll be a site of Nishimatsu-BACHY JV T228

The site is T228 by Nishimatsu-BACHY JV.

Installation day is November 20.

Singaporean crane supplier, TAT HONG PLANT LEASING PTE. LTD., introduced us to the site.

The supplier is important business partner for us, and we often work together.


I’d like to explain T228 briefly.

At T228, Nishimatsu-BACHY JV builds the southernmost station called Garden-by-the-Bay Station of Thomson Line and two tunnels (700m each). They started the construction from July 2014 and will finish on December 2020. After this construction, the station is important access point to sightseeing spots such as botanical garden and casino resort.


I look forward to the completion.


Recently, the weather is bad.

It’s been raining on and off all day, it was sultry.

I waited a moment, started work at last.


It was work from the evening.

Fortunately the weather turned into good and installation is completed in about 90 minutes with support from Tat Hong.


Video, pan, and tilt were OK.


I enjoyed view of this site located closely from Marina Bay Sands and Garden by the Bay.

I hope for our crane camera to play an active part in safeness at this site.


I thank the members from Nishimatsu and BACHY JV and Tat Hong.


After the work, I told Japanese staff from Tat Hong, “Today’s work was done very quickly.”

Then, he said that he would like to return early and to watch “SANADAMRU.”

※”SANADAMRU” is a drama of NHK.

We can watch the program on cable TV in Singapore.

I thank him for his work even on weekend.



The bees I introduced last time left peacefully.

They will build new colony with new family.

Soon after honeybees left, another unexpected guest….

When I return to home from an outside work, there was a bat around the entrance!!


I had not seen nearby, either and I was puzzled, but it was very small and lovely.

I decided to protect it and to see its situation for a while.

※ It’s about the child palm size.

Did it fall from the loft of the garage?

In the bright place, it covered the face with wings and looked unpleasant.

I thought small bat is angry! It became fine when it moved to the dark place.

After sunset, it flew away and I was relieved.

I have lots of encounters in Singapore.



KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato


Crane Safety Symposium. Crane Camera exhibition


 October 27, 2016

Hello.  This is Asato from KDK Proska.


Even here it’s started to enter the rainy season recently.


Today, I report my participation in Crane Safety Symposium 2016.


I got the opportunity to promote our crane camera (HEC-981) from the government organization of WSHC (Workplace Safety and Health Council).


I’d like to have many people see our product, so I was exited but struggling in preparations of demonstration and documents on the previous day.

Exhibition was held in BCA Academy.

Under bad weather, I carried our camera and set on a desk in the prepared booth.

Because I was alone, I was very tired of setting.


All work was completed.

Because I did not prepare a poster, I felt a little bit empty.


I finished a meeting with an interpreter.

And then, finally started.

There were some lectures of crane safety, participants came to our booth during break time.


Many of them got interested in our crane camera.

The above picture shows that one of visitors was watching demo video and using controller while explained by the interpreter.

I would like to participate actively in events like this.


I thank to the persons concerned, and interpreters.

Because of their support, I could succeeded promotion in the exhibition.



It was my first time Halloween since I came to Singapore.

We didn’t have such event in my young age.

These days, I heard, getting popular and some places have huge party for it.

I decided to go nuts in tune with local atmosphere.

I dressed up my family and we went to one of parties.


.Union of three families.

My family enjoyed Halloween fully.

I was too shy to be dressed up like others for this time.

Maybe next year I wish.


KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato

Installing Crane Camera at Thomson Line 219, Singapore, by Penta Ocean

October 18, 2016.

Hello, this is Asato from KDK Proska.

Today, I report camera installation at Thomson – East Coast Line 219 Project by Penta-Ocean.

A project manager of other construction site introduced us to this site.

This site is in orchard area, center of the city.

The site is right next to skyscraper ION Orchard.

Penta Ocean won this contract because of their past achievements such as the underground work at ION Orchard and crowded city places.

I was surprised at the size of this project which is too big at center of city.


* The above is completion image.

There is so much nature that it doesn’t seem an urban area.

I think this is Singaporean style of buildings.

I played the role called supervisor on this installation. Please think it is like an installation instructor. Installation itself was done by the site staff.


Crane camera is rarely seen in Singapore, so workers have gathered.


Because of staff’s support, installation has been ended earlier than initially scheduled.

A boom up, and check image of the camera. Not only I think the skyscraper on back, blue sky and the crane suit well.


Checking image on monitor when taking down materials.


No problem on pan and tilt. All work is completed.

Operator was very glad.

On later day, I visited the project manager with my boss for greeting. The manager told us that crane camera is good reputation and made operator pay more attention on safety.

I was very happy to hear that.

I think it takes time, but I want to provide construction sites more safety.

I thank to the manager and members from Penta-Ocean T219 and the manager who introduced me.



I hear that fall in Japan deepens.

In Singapore, rainy season has come and it is getting cooler.

Is it Singaporean autumn? In Proska office, there is a big tree of star fruit, many birds come around for its fruit. Every morning we are woken up by birdsong.

Parrots also sometime visit us.

It feels like tropics One day, I was cleaning around the tree.

I looked up the top unintentionally and found a ball-shaped. I looked carefully and found it a nest of honeybee. (Nest of swarmer?)

*Swarmer is new queen bee which just left an old nest and build a new one with followers.


Sorry to folks who hate insects.

Attention for the above pictures.

I would like to watch quietly until the new queen and followers move to other places.

I had a valuable experience.


KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato

Visit Jakarta, Indonesia

September 7, 2016

Hello this is Asato from KDK Proska.

Today I report my first business trip to Indonesia.

Its purpose is to visit Japanese contractor, crane supplier, and other machine rental supplier in the country.

There are many high building, and Jakarta is more urban than I expected.


I visited 3 construction sites besides business meeting.

First, I went to two sites of Shimizu Corporation, Toyota Astra and MNC Media Tower, where our crane cameras are working.

I was able to confirm our cameras are still working.


A staff of Shimizu Corporation told me that the crane camera increases their crane productivity. What he said motivated me more to promote our camera in this country. I heard that Construction itself is going well. I hope it keeps going well by its end.


The other jobsite I visited was MRT construction by Shimizu-Obayashi JV.

Here I explain traffic situation in Jakarta a little bit.

Traffic jam in Jakarta is terrible.

During commute time, it takes more than 2 hours because of mess with many cars and bikes although without them it takes only 30 minutes. Everybody uses cars, taxies, buses, or bikes because there is no public transportation such as railways.

Time when I was in a taxi was also longer than time on airplane from Singapore on this day.

MRT is the key to solve this problem and is expected by many people.


2 shield machines were brought into the jobsite from Japan.

At the speed of 10-12 meters per day, and the drilling system run for 24 hours.


Once again I could feel the greatness of Japan’s technology.

I hope the Japanese contractors at MRT projects do their best for future in Jakarta.

I thank the members from Shimizu-Obayashi JV.




I report the results of the second time Japanese softball tournament in 2016.

On Sept 12th, Hari Raya with Singapore public holidays

Because of deep reflect on the defeat of last time, we practiced quite a bit.

However, we lost in the second round.


My tournament record: 4 at-bats, 3 walk (ball four), 1 pop-fly.

1 error by fielding.

Our next tournament will be hold in March of next year.

I will do my best practicing for wins.


KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato





Demo of Crane Camera

August 1, 2016

Hello. This is Asato from KDK Proska.

How are you getting along?

 I report the crane camera demonstration setting to a crane of TRANS-EURO Pte. Ltd. in Singapore this time.

Installed a demonstration machine by an introduction of AKTIO Singapore Corporation.

AKTIO Pacific Pte. Ltd. gave us this opportunity. .

I was excited about installing the camera to Liebherr HS-855 due to my first time.

Thanks to great experience in overseas!



Good exercise of installation under clear sky.

After the installation, an operator of the crane saw our camera and told me “Very Good.”

I’m so happy for that.


Little by little, but for sure, I want to spread value of using our crane camera.

In TRANS-EURO’s yard, there are some cranes I haven’t seen before even though in Japan I was in charge of Liebherr Japan. I was very curious about those new machines. After getting permit, I took a look of them.

It is an occupational disease.


I thank to the members from TRANS-EURO and AKTIO.



In August I took first vacation since I came to Singapore.

It is homecoming to Okinawa with my family by midnight flight Local SOBA, BUKUBUKU TEA and ZENZAI

I really like this local atmosphere. I often lose track of time being there.

It has been long time since last time in Okinawa, my family and I enjoyed a lot.


When you visit to Okinawa, please contact me.



KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato

Singapore Japanese Association softball tournament

June 19, 2016 .

Hello. This is Asato from KDK Proska.

Here in Singapore, it has followed hot days.

This time, I want to report the softball tournament sponsored by the Japanese Association, Singapore and its results.

As soon as I came to Singapore in March, the president of my company introduced me a softball team.


Many teammate in the team left Singapore and the team needed new players, so I decided to joi


I had played baseball in Japan in many years, I was a little bit confident of playing softball. But it was very different.




Its ball is larger and heavier, so even if I hit the ball well I don’t get as much distance as baseball. That is the difficulty and even fun of softball.


In order to get better, every night I asked my sons to practice hitting with using the shuttle of badminton.




Finally, the tournament day came while I prayed my training would be rewarded.


Starting lineup with fifth batter, the short stop.

Although, in the first round, I was nervous and got an error, my teammates played well and we won.

Next opponent was powerhouse team in Japanese Association.


In the second round, I got rid of nervous, and contributed to my team with good defense.


*My jumping catch was like the above. Just my image, though.

The result was 3-7, and we were smashed to lose.


My tournament record: 2 hits for three, 1 error, 1 good defense.

I thank to my sons for helping me practice.


I enjoyed my first cultural experience in Singapore.


Even though we lost in the second round, we did well.


Let’s practice more for our next tournament.



This day was Father’s Day. Surprise gift from my son of four-year-old!!

While I had been working in Japan, I didn’t have much time with him. Very happy to be with him in much time.

Events like this become my vitality for tomorrow.



Our next tournament will be held in September 12th. I will do my vest for wins.


KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato

Singapore MRT construction site crane camera inspection

June 16, 2016 .

Hello. This is Asato from KDK Proska.

This is third time of introducing construction sites in Singapore.

Today’s site is tunnel construction of MRT Thomson Line T211 by Japanese contractor, Penta-Ocean.

I will install our crane cameras, HEC981, to two crawler cranes at the site.

First camera has been already installed and second one will be in July.



I will explain about MRT in Singapore a little bit.

MRT is abbreviation of Mass Rapid Transit.

The transportation system plays major roles in supporting people’s lifestyle.

There are currently 5 routes of MRT and 3 routes of LRT in Singapore.

Also, there are some plans of new routes and extension coming up, and many Japanese contractors are taking part of them.

In 2030, the total extension of the Singaporean railroad will be 360km which is doubled of current length and which will exceed the extension of Tokyo subway.

This day, I visited the site with BCA members who support us to promote our crane camera, and a staff from Penta-Ocean guided us.

BCA is the government authority in charge of introducing new technology to improve the safety and efficiency at construction sites.


*Ms. Rose and Mr. Albert from BCA and Mr. Ben from Penta-Ocean in the above picture.

I was glad that we could see the camera helping the crane operator.





It was surprising that the crane operator from Sin Heng Heavy Machinery was the same operator who had been using our camera at different site in the last year.


The operator, who likes to use our camera from the last site, explained passionately to the BCA members how useful our crane camera is at construction sites.

Curious coincidence or fate. I thank him.

I thank the members from Penta-Ocean and BCA, and the operator from Sin Heng Heavy Machinery, for their cooperation.



I will post the next article of softball tournament which will be held in June 19th.


KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato





Crane camera at Singapore cable tunnel by Obayashi Corp.

April 20, 2016

Hello. This is Asato from KDK Proska. It has been already 2 months and half since I came to Singapore.

One day, while it was raining, I went to the site where I had delivered our crane camera.

The site is operated by Japanese general contractor Obayashi Corp. who undertakes cable tunnel construction of Singaporean power (local power company).

The delivery was our second time at the site.


Unlike Japan, there is no earthquake in Singapore. That might be one of the reasons why Singapore put cables underground.

I feel the streets without electric cables are cleaner and neater than those in Japan.

At the site, crane operators need to take the loaded cargo down to 50 meters underground. In Singapore, it is common that crane operators do not use crane camera but communicate with and get direction from signal men by walkie-talkie (transceiver).

The operator at the site was happy that he can watch his cargo on the monitor by himself.

We’ll be more energized to hear such words from operators.

I want more and more operators use our HEC-981 (crane camera) at Singaporean sites.

This delivery is our small but very important first step as Proska.


I thank people from Obayashi Corp. and others concerned for their cooperation.



On the way to the site, I got caught in squall peculiar to subtropical zone which is called “guerrilla downpour“ in Japan.

It rains intensely with thunder.

On the other day, my family and I got caught in “guerrilla downpour” again when going to the Merlion .

The sky became dark suddenly, and sudden thunderstorm appeared. We needed to run into my car.

Then we saw thunder was falling down to the building right in front of us. At the next moment, I took photo of it.

That was very important experience which can’t be done easily.


I’ll deliver private message again please look forward to it.


KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato

Singapore Office Open KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

March 1, 2016


The day came over finally! Our first overseas office is now open.

The base of the office is Singapore.


Address: 15 West Coast Park, Singapore 127636




What I do in Singapore is to create new service.


I do not offer the same service as Japan but want to add new value to Japanese style.

My mission is to spread from Singapore to the entire Asia the company’s mission;

Turning Dreams into Safety, Efficiency and the Future.


In order to achieve the mission,

I support that “all workers at sites can go home safely where their families are waiting.”


I will enjoy the challenge in the new world!






In the early spring, the difference of temperature between Singapore and Tokyo is 20 degrees.

Singapore is very hot.

I cut the grass in the garden of the office on weekend.

I meet creatures which are unique from subtropical countries and which I haven’t seen in Japan.



That is very exciting experience.

And then, I take a walk in neighbor parks and enjoy relaxing time while I meditate.



I regularly deliver message of not only work but also private events.


KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.

Masafumi Asato

Renewal of our english home page has been completed



By the completion of the Kyoritsu Denshi Kogyo English website, we will like to continue further our contribution towards the society.

Thank you for your continued support and we are looking forward to working with you again.





Name Kyoritsu Denshi Kogyo Co. Ltd
Date of establishment 5 June 1980
Chief executive officer Manabu Akashi
Capital 20,000,000yen
Business Production of camera and radio system for construction machine and other special vehicle.
Sales of security camera and device.


Name MKI Co. Ltd.
Address 74-1 Sakumachi, Narumicho, Midori-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 458-0801, Japan
Date of establishment 1 August 2017
TEL +81-52-693-6617


Name KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.
Address 5 Soon Lee Street, #05-48, Pioneer Point, Singapore 627607
Date of establishment 3 March 2016
TEL +65-6909-6398


We kyoritsu denshi kogyo has established since 1980 as a company providing software and hardware services to our beloved customer. We have experienced both good and bad by now.

These experiences now became one of our valuable strengths of our technology and sevices. We believe that the key to create a next future society lies between us. Thus, turning those people's dream into a safety and efficiency society is our mission.
Manabu Akashi

chief executive officer Manabu Akashi


Jun 1980
Established in Osaka-shi Yodogawa-Ku with 1 million yen as capital.
Feb 1986
Capitial rised to up 4 million yen.
Feb 1986
Headquarters moved to Toyonaka-shi, Shonaisakaemachi
Mar 1987
Capitial rised to up 10 million yen.
Dec 1989
Tokyo office established
Dec 1991
Fukuoka office established
Dec 1997
Headquarters moved to Shōnaitakaramachi, Toyonaka-shi
Jul 1998
Capital rised up to 20 million yen
Dec 2013
Tohoku office established
March 2016
Subsidiary company「KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.」 established in Singapore
August 2017
Subsidiary company「MKI Co. Ltd.」 established in Nagoya, Japan


Main contractor and renter

  • Aktio
  • SC Machinery
  • Obayashi Corporation
  • Takenaka Corporation
  • Fujita Corporation


  • IHI Construction Machinery
  • Caterpillar Japan Inc.
  • Kobelco Cranes
  • Kobelco Construction Machinery
  • HANTA Machinery
  • Hitachi Construction Machinery
  • Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane
  • Liebherr Japan

Crane lease

  • Denzai Jyuki
  • Uchimiya Transportation and Engineering
  • Tokyo Jyuki
  • Nanshin Jyuki Kogyo
  • MIC
  • Jousai UnyuKiko
  • Takada-Crane
  • Hirano Crane Industory
  • Hokazono Transport & Heavy Construction Machinery


※An agency also available in Hokkaido and Okinawa. Please feel free to contact us.

大阪 本社

1-40-5 Shonaitakaramachi, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka 561-0836, Japan
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6-11-21, Naruse, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0044, Japan
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Officeparea KawakuboⅢ No.3, 2-18-6, Kawakubo, Onojo-shi, Fukuoka 812-0063, Japan
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Yumekobo NAKANO No.5, 1-27-15, Shiratori, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi,983-0006, Japan
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MKI Co. Ltd.
74-1 Sakumachi, Narumicho, Midori-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 458-0801, Japan
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KDK Proska Pte. Ltd.
5 Soon Lee Street, #05-48, Pioneer Point, Singapore 627607
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We accept from small lot to big lot.
Our talented developers and production supervisor deliver high quality to you.

End user direct sales

To users at sites and dealers of construction machinery, transporting machine, and other specially equipped vehicles, we sell and rent safety products such as camera, transceiver, and censors.
We do not provide only standard goods but also customize for your needs.
Our well-trained field engineers install products and fix them at sites after sales.



Thank you for visiting our website.

Apart from products, we also offer following services such as design or manufacture of a whole new equipment according to our beloved customer needs. It is our pleasure to let us introduce our products to our beloved customers or anyone whom may be interested.
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